NAIS Comment Period Ends April 15

You still have time to submit comments on the government’s NAIS draft business plan.

The deadline to submit comments is April 15, 2008.

Here’s link to the draft business plan and the NAIS website.

According to the USDA:
The business plan supports the National Animal Identification System’s (NAIS) longterm goal of 48-hour traceback. It also provides benchmarks to guide the program as it moves toward optimum traceability. The draft plan provides a comprehensive look at the country’s current traceability status, including a breakdown by species. It details seven strategies that will provide the greatest amount of traceability progress in a short amount of time. These strategies involve state and federally regulated and voluntary animal health programs, industry-administered animal management and marketing programs, as well as various animal identification techniques. The draft plan allows these varied components to work in harmony. It provides for standardization of data elements in existing disease programs to ensure compatibility, greatly enhancing disease tracing and emergency response capabilities.


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