How to Do an Easy but Eye Catching Manicure!

Start with a clean, smooth nail!

Apply a thin layer of your favorite basecoat. Let it dry!

I used this nude peachy color as a base. But feel free to experiment with other colors!

Apply the lighter colored nailpolish. Let, and this is VERY important, dry thoroughly. The time needed depends on your nailpolish, but I think half an hour is sufficient.

After half an hour, test if your nail polish is dry by pressing it with your fingertip. If it is not dry enough, you may ruin your polish after removing the tape!! Speaking of which, grab some tape!

This might be an old and well known tip, but it's very useful! Stick your bit of tape on your clothes then rip it off. This will make the tape less sticky!

Stick the tape lightly (!) on your nail. I wanted to do it like this, but the possibilities are (almost) endlesstry it horizontal, vertical, etc!

For the next step I used this contrasting pink polish by O.P.I.

Then, apply the darker nail polish on the uncovered part of your nail. Apply freely; the tape will care of everything :) !

The final step is to CAREFULLY pull off the tape. And voila! Nice, tight and colorful nails!!

Watch the video: Amazing Nail Transformation. Girly Beauty Tricks

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