How to Make Rasgulla ( Indian Cheese Dessert)

Boil milk in a pot and once it is boiling add lemon juice and let it boil for a couple of minutes it will curdle , water separates from it and looks like this

Strain off the water and keep cheese in the strainer till it gets to room temperature and all the water drips off. Tie it in a thin cloth and tighten it by rolling take off as much water possible

Keep this overnight sometimes more water drains off of it. Now we get to kneading the dough

After you knead it for 10 mins it's very smooth and soft . TIpif cheese is too tough microwave for 30 secs i gets warm and easier to knead ;)

After kneading for 10 mins it looks like this now make small balls out of this about 1.5 inch to 2 inch

I made them about this size you can make any size you want. While you are doing this heat about 4-5 cups of water add sugar and cardamom and let it boil

Half a gallon of milk will make 25 approx depending on the size you make

Once the water is boiling add these to the water the small ones are for my sweetheart son :) cook these for about 10 mins or more If the size you are making is bigger than this

Once these are done they are almost 60 % of the original size. Fresh homemade cheese filled with the cardamom flavored syrup yumm!!!

Tip1) Squeeze out as much water as you can & knead it smooth to ensure these don't break while you pressure cook 2) when shaping balls ensure that there r no big cracks

Tips1) Don't like cardamom use saffron instead this flavor also goes amazingly well with cheese 2) Divide dough in parts while kneading and add food colors to make these fun

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