How to Get Rust Off Your Exhaust

Get your rusty parts ready! In my case, an old exhaust off my motorcycle

Use the drill and rust stripper to get the worst off

Now use the orbital sander to get all the rust nice and rough. There will still be pits left, we'll get to that.

Now lather rust removal jelly all over it, leave it for 30 minutes...

Then grab some steel wool and work off the rust and the jelly.

Spray off all the jelly with water.

Now work It over again with the drill and the orbital until it's clean! Use the steel wool on the hard to reach places.

Paint two layers of primer, letting it dry for 30 Minutes in between coats.

Do a quick, light sanding of the primer, then wipe it with a clean rag.

Paint it with your desired spray paint. This stuff works well for hot exhausts!


Watch the video: How to Clean Exhaust and Header Pipe Rust

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