How to Load Our Dishwasher

First of all rinse off all the food particles.

These blue bowls fit well in the second, third and sixth row from the front and in the center of the seventh row.

The white bowls fit well in the first and fifth rows from the front, and the left and right sides of the back row.

The plates slide nicely into the rack, parallel to the side of the dishwasher.

Up top, the tall water glasses fit best in the second row from the left.

Place short stubby things on the right hand row, underneath the plastic flip-out racks.

Place the children's plastic cups near the back of the right-hand row.

Play smaller items on top of the flip-down plastic racks.

Play small bowls upright between the prongs of the second row from the right.

Press the cycle select button until the normal light turns on.

Press the start button, and you're done!

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